Why are healthy foods expensive?

In our society, healthy choices are sometimes a lot harder to make than unhealthy ones: going to the gym vs. staying home, ordering a salad vs. french fries or buying healthy groceries vs. unhealthy ones. Healthy groceries such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and 100% whole wheat products

Top 5 Health Myths

1. Organic Food. Organic food is marketed as the stuff that is supposed to make us healthy. It’s more expensive than regular food, has green packaging and claims to prevent all kinds of disorders, how can it not be healthy. Organic food can sometimes be beneficial when compared to conventionally

Why are organic and healthy foods so expensive?

Hi, I was at the grocery store and did a bit of price comparison between organic and regular produce. Why are organic and healthy foods so expensive? –Janice Hi Janice, That is an excellent question. First of all, we do have to differentiate between “organic” and “healthy”. Organic is a

Are organic foods worth buying?

The theory behind organic products is that the less chemicals used to grow, raise and preserve the food, the healthier it is for human consumption. Some chemicals that are used include pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and preservatives. While all of these make food production more efficient, the effects on humans