Diet vs. Exercise for Weight Loss

Losing weight is as simple as following one rule: burn more calories than you eat. When you burn more calories than you eat, your body is forced to use fat stores for energy which over time, causes weight loss. The weight loss rule has two sides: how many calories you

Starvation Mode

The basics of losing weight are fairly simple and can be summed up in one simple phrase: eat less, move more. If you do nothing but take the advice found in that phrase, you will lose weight. Unfortunately, some people take that advice to an extreme and suffer some unforeseen

Strength Training and Weight Loss

When most people think about exercise and losing weight, they automatically picture running, biking or swimming – a high intensity workout that burns a large amount of calories. They focus all their effort on cardio and completely ignore any of the benefits a strength training routine has to offer. They

Fast Metabolism Weight Gain Diet

For some people gaining weight is close to impossible. You wake up and eat, go to work and eat, come home and eat and you keep weighing the same. The simple solution is that you need to eat more. The equation for gaining weight is: calories eaten must be greater

Slow Metabolism Diet

Everyone’s body works in a different way. For some it is easy to lose a few pounds and for others it can be close to impossible. Differences such as these can be attributed to our genes. Since we can’t control the genes we have there is no sense in turning