Luke’s Body Transformation – Part 5: The End

Luke was successful because he embraced the key principles of a healthy lifestyle rather than wasting his time with temporary weight loss shortcuts. Instead of buying diet pills, starving himself and hanging out in the sauna, he replaced unhealthy junk with healthy foods, monitored his calorie intake and increased his

Luke’s Body Transformation – Part 3: Exercise

Step 3 – Exercise. Calorie balance has two sides, how many calories you eat and how many you burn. Focusing on only one side of the equation will lead to subpar results. Exercise is a very important step in a body transformation. Exercise creates a bigger calorie deficit (without sacrificing

Luke’s Body Transformation – Part 1: Calories

Step 1 – Figuring Out Calorie Needs. Luke’s first step was to figure out how many calories his body burned each day. To figure this out, we used two equations. The first one, The Harris-Benedict Equation, is the most popular and easiest to use. It takes into account weight, height,

Luke’s Body Transformation

For some odd reason, losing weight has a complex aurora that surrounds it. For proof, visit a supplement store and count how many companies sell products that claim you can’t lose weight without their ground breaking diet pill. Visit your neighborhood gym and let a personal trainer convince you that