Is saturated fat unhealthy?

saturated fat

Saturated Fat Saturated fat is known as the unhealthy or “bad” fat. Coconut oil has given saturated fat a makeover in recent years and many openly doubt the negative health effects associated with saturated fat.┬áSome even go as far as touting it for its potential health benefits. What is fat?

Top 5 Benefits of Fiber

To say fiber is important is an understatement. This under-eaten nutrient prevents and treats digestive problems, lowers disease risk, increases satiety and even aids weight loss. Unfortunately, found in mostly unprocessed foods, Americans tend to stay well under the recommended intake for this extremely important nutrient. Fiber is a type

The Heart Attack Grill Actually Caused a Heart Attack

The Heart Attack Grill is a hospital themed restaurant in Las Vegas serving fast food that makes McDonald’s and Burger King look healthy. The waitresses are dressed as nurses while the customers wear hospital gowns and are referred to as patients. Last week, one of the “patients” turned into an

Importance of Cardiovascular Exercise

In recent years many studies have been released telling us of the benefits we see from a lifestyle rich in physical activity. Running, biking, swimming, sports and even walking can add to these benefits. Cardiovascular Disease The number one killer in most of the developed world is cardiovascular disease (CVD).