How to: Gaining Weight for Skinny Guys

Though some people find it very difficult to lose weight, there are people that find it just as hard to put any on. A combination of super fast metabolisms, bad eating habits and wrong approaches to exercise are all factors that cause this problem. Don’t Worry About Genetics The reason

Fast Metabolism Weight Gain Diet

For some people gaining weight is close to impossible. You wake up and eat, go to work and eat, come home and eat and you keep weighing the same. The simple solution is that you need to eat more. The equation for gaining weight is: calories eaten must be greater

How can a hard gainer gain weight?

A hard gainer is someone that finds it nearly impossible to put on muscle or weight no matter how much they eat. These people are cursed (or blessed) with a very fast metabolism that seems to instantaneously adjust and burn off any extra calories that are taken in as part

Basic Steps for Gaining Weight

Hello I weigh 143 lbs, and I am 5’11”. I want to know if I should take a weight gainer or protein to gain some weight and muscle. I don’t want to gain too much fat, just lean muscle. -Scott Hi Scott, Great question. Many people try to put on