Why are healthy foods expensive?

In our society, healthy choices are sometimes a lot harder to make than unhealthy ones: going to the gym vs. staying home, ordering a salad vs. french fries or buying healthy groceries vs. unhealthy ones. Healthy groceries such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and 100% whole wheat products

Top 5 Things to Avoid When Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping, when done right, provides one of the best opportunities to clean up your diet and improve your eating habits. Loading your refrigerator and pantry full of healthy choices will go a long way in helping you eat more nutritious foods while making the wrong choices will do just

Save on Groceries

Grocery shopping is a ritual that everyone has to go through. Unfortunately, this ritual can sometimes get expensive and in a time when saving even the smallest amounts of money matters, grocery shopping offers an opportunity to save a lot. Coupons When you’re talking about saving on groceries, the first

Shopping for Healthy Groceries

If diet and nutrition have a sizeable impact on your health, then the grocery store is an opportunity where if you improve your habits, your health will follow. Supermarkets have a wide selection of foods. Healthy, unhealthy and in between are all there. The foundation of food you build your

Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

1. In Season Produce Fresh fruit and vegetables, the foods that should be in everyone’s diet can sometimes be very expensive. A way to minimize the cost is by buying in season. When a fruit or vegetable is out of season, the extra cost of transporting and storing them combined

Why are organic and healthy foods so expensive?

Hi, I was at the grocery store and did a bit of price comparison between organic and regular produce. Why are organic and healthy foods so expensive? –Janice Hi Janice, That is an excellent question. First of all, we do have to differentiate between “organic” and “healthy”. Organic is a

Top 5 Items on a Healthy Grocery Shopping List

1. Fruits and Vegetables. Fruits and vegetables should be at the top of your shopping list. They are low in calories, high in nutrients and if you buy them in season, can be relatively cheap. Try buying a different fruit each week. Apples this week, grapes next. This way, you