New Year’s Resolutioners Gym Etiquette Guide

It’s been referred to as the gympocalypse; the beginning of the year when resolutioners join the gym en masse. Having a solid resolution and being serious about change is commendable, and joining a gym is a great way of doing so. Due to the large influx of new members in

Things That Annoy Me – #5: People Who Don’t Follow Basic Gym Etiquette

The gym brings together people with different backgrounds, perspectives and goals. While we don’t need to agree on what the best workout routine is (because there is no such thing), or which diet friendly foods taste best (hummus), we should all follow a few basic rules while working out to

Top 5 Rules to Follow at a Gym

1. Proper Attire. Proper attire is needed not only to keep you comfortable but also to keep the upholstery on the machines in good condition and keep you safe. Some fabrics, especially those in jeans, are abrasive and can cause the material on benches to rip. One of the most

Things That Annoy Me

It seems every time I visit a gym, someone else is acting crazy, inspiring me to write another blog post. Over the coming weeks, I’ll make some new entries of gym observations that drove me nuts. Some of the most egregious examples of annoying behaviors include (but are not limited

Gym Etiquette

Going to a gym is an important step in getting fit. For some, walking inside a gym for the first time can be intimidating. Marathon runners on the treadmills, triathlon competitors on the bikes and Olympic weight lifters doing squats can be a bit scary. While you can’t control who