Holiday Weight Gain

The Holiday Season isn’t known for the healthy environment it creates. Three plates of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, plus dessert has to go somewhere. Surely these calorie dense options lead to weight gain, but is unwanted holiday weight gain really as big of a problem as everyone makes it

The Holiday Exercise Routine

p>The holidays, particularly Christmas and Thanksgiving are associated with an abundance of food. People typically gain a few pounds during the holidays and the only ways of stopping this is to eat less (which is hard with all that food staring at you) or to burn it off through exercise.

Top 5 Holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah) Fitness Presents

Making a commitment to be more physically active will lead to weight loss, an improved physical appearance and most importantly, a healthier lifestyle. Helping a friend or family member make that commitment will do a lot more to improve their lives than buying them a gift they will rarely use.

The Holiday Diet

As the Holiday Season approaches we start thinking about family, shopping and eating. No matter what our beliefs and cultures say, we can all agree that there’s nothing like the food we’ll be eating over the next few weeks. Turkeys, hams, gravy, stuffing, potatoes and macaroni are all there along