How to Burn Fat

Creating a more toned, defined and ripped look is the pinnacle of fitness. Companies have created pills, creams and even electro-shocking ab belts to help you reach your potential. Burning fat to create a better looking body is easy and involves proper diet and exercise. Stop wasting money on solutions

Top 5 Ways to Burn Fat

Body fat is excess energy. When you consume more energy than you burn over a long period of time, you gain weight. This calorie surplus, when combined with physical inactivity, leads to unwanted weight gain, most likely in the form of body fat. The only way to rid yourself of

I Want to Gain Muscle and Burn Fat

Gaining muscle and burning fat at the same time is pretty much everyone’s fitness goal. How awesome would it be to get stronger, watch your muscles grow and reduce your body fat percentage all at the same time? Unfortunately, these two goals aren’t compatible with each other. Weight Balance 101

How can I lose inches off my stomach?

The stomach is a problem area for most people because the body loves storing fat in the midsection. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions and crazy ideas on how to lose inches off your stomach. There are diets, exercise plans and even creams that claim to help burn off

Do I have to eat less to burn fat?

There’s a common misconception of what the phrases, “losing weight”, “burning fat” and “increasing muscle tone” mean. While many treat these three phrases as separate goals, the truth is that they’re different ways of saying the same thing. Weight loss is a reduction in body fat; burning fat causes a

Top 5 Fat Burning Myths

1. Spot Reducing. When your body fat percentage is high, you usually have a few areas you’d rather do without. Sometimes your body will store fat in the arms or midsection and your first thought is to target those areas with specific exercises. Sit ups for the midsection, tricep extensions

War on Bulking: Part 3 – The Typical Cutting Cycle

In Part 2 of The War on Bulking, I discussed the typical bulking cycle; a period in which a bulker is obsessed with gaining muscle, yet ends up fat and unhealthy. Muscle growth is limited to about 10 pounds per year. This growth isn’t limited by calorie intake, and therefore

How do I get ripped?

The word ‘ripped’ refers to the look you get when you have a low body fat percentage. This word is commonly used on pill bottles, sports drinks and other supplements, but getting ripped requires none of the above. Getting ripped is easy, at least in theory. All you have to

Exercise for Turning Fat into Muscle

This is the stuff that late night infomercials are made of. You take a pill or use some sort of ab contraption and miraculously your fat turns into muscle in only a few days! Unfortunately turning fat into muscle is a myth and doesn’t actually work like that in real