How to Burn Fat

Creating a more toned, defined and ripped look is the pinnacle of fitness. Companies have created pills, creams and even electro-shocking ab belts to help you reach your potential. Burning fat to create a better looking body is easy and involves proper diet and exercise. Stop wasting money on solutions

Top 5 Ways to Get Stronger

Strength comes from three main areas: healthy diet practices, solid workout routines and genetics. Since you can’t change your genetics, diet and exercise are the two areas that need attention. Through proper exercise, nutrition and supplementation, getting stronger is a very straightforward process. 1. Exercise. Your body strengthens muscles in

Top 5 Ways to Control Hunger

1. Drink Water. Drinking water throughout the day can help keep you feeling full without adding any extra calories. Water is one of the few substances you can eat or drink that is truly calorie free. Remember, water in itself won’t help you lose weight, but by replacing high calorie

Breakfast for Losing Weight

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and because of this it is also the most important. When you wake up, your body has been fasting for 6-8 hours and needs all sorts of nutrients to get moving. If you’re trying to lose weight, you need to balance your

Top 5 Breakfast Items That Should be on Your Shopping List if You’re Trying to Gain Weight

To gain weight, you need to treat each meal as an opportunity to eat a lot of healthy food. Breakfast is no exception because it helps your body snap out of a fasting state it’s been in since you went to sleep. These fasting states can breakdown muscle. Eating the

Number and Size of Meals

At the end of the day, only calories will determine whether or not you gain, maintain or lose weight; specifically the amount of calories you take in versus the amount of calories you burn. The size of your meals and frequency you eat them can have an effect, not so

Meals: Gaining Weight

Gaining weight is all about eating more calories than you burn and doing it over a long period of time. When you first start changing your diet, it’ll be hard to find the foods that will add enough calories to allow you to gain weight. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks