What is protein?

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Shakes, tuna and chicken are a bodybuilder’s best friend, and as such, protein is often thought of as only a gym rat’s food. Protein is an important and essential nutrient for everyone. It has several functions including (but not limited to): providing energy, building/repairing tissue and structural support (skin and

Top 5 Supplements that Work

protein powder

Supplement sales have exploded and there now seems to be a pill for everything. Fat burners, muscle builders, weight loss aids and mood enhancers all promise to help improve your overall life or physical appearance. This ‘solution in a bottle’ mentality is dangerous because many of these products are more


Your body needs protein to build and repair tissue. Though protein is thought of as a supplement that will only help male bodybuilders who are looking to gain some serious weight, eating the right kind can help people with very different fitness goals. The body needs protein to build and

Protein Supplements

Protein is used by the body to rebuild damaged muscle tissue after an intense (or even moderate) workout. Without protein, you would never get stronger, bigger or faster. Aside from a balanced diet, there are various protein supplements you can use to ensure you’re getting an adequate amount to help

What are amino acids?

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I see many advertisements for amino acids and I was wondering what they are and what they actually do. –Khloe Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. In a similar way that it takes many individual bricks to build a wall, it takes many individual amino acids to “build”