Luke’s Body Transformation – Part 4: Monitor/Adjust

Luke’s Body Transformation – Part 4: Monitor/Adjust

Step 4 – Monitor Results & Adjust. This weight loss plan is based off an estimation and may need to be adjusted. The only way that this plan will work is if you monitor your weight and make the necessary changes. For Luke, that meant weighing himself on a regular basis (every chest day), taking pictures of his progress and ensure that his workout was producing the strength gains he was looking for.

Body weight is the fastest and easiest way to ensure that you’re on the right track. There are some guidelines we used to minimize as many variables as possible and get the most accurate reading:

  • Weigh yourself at the same time each day (morning, afternoon or evening – pick one and stick with it).
  • Always weigh yourself wearing the same amount of clothing.
  • Weigh yourself with the same scale.

Taking pictures of your progress is another good way to monitor your results. Sometimes pictures can show improvements to your body that you don’t notice day to day. When you Luke - Jul 23 - 189lbscompare pictures of yourself over the span of months, you’ll see the hard work you’re putting in is paying off.

If after two weeks of starting a program, your weight doesn’t decrease, the calorie estimation from step 1 was bad and you need to adjust. In Luke’s case, his calorie estimation was good and he started losing weight right away. Had he not lost weight, we would have cut his intake by about 200 per day and followed his weight for another two weeks and repeated that if necessary. Had he lost weight too fast, we would have increased his intake by 200 per day. You should also consider increasing your physical activity level rather than cutting calories too drastically.


Plateaus are somewhat inevitable when losing weight. Your body will adapt to changes in calorie intake. If you eat less, it will burn less resulting in a smaller calorie deficit and a slower rate of weight loss. Cutting calories too drastically will work against your long term weight loss goals. Your metabolism is much less likely to slow in response to added exercise versus a further cut in calories.

The best way to increase your physical activity level is by adding more activities into your routine. If your weight lifting routine is already solid, consider doing more cardio (swimming, running, circuits, sports). If your routine is already full of cardio, increase the amount of weight lifting.

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