Ken’s Diet and Fitness Progress (with pictures)

Ken’s Diet and Fitness Progress (with pictures)

Since September 2013, I’ve been chronicling my diet and fitness progress with the help of numbers, graphs and pictures. I regularly keep track of my calorie intake, body weight, body fat percentage and strength numbers in the gym (squats, deadlift and bench press). About once a month, I analyze relationships such as calorie intake vs. body weight and body weight vs. strength and post my thoughts. My goal is to illustrate the importance of calorie intake and how simple weight control becomes when you start taking the right steps.

The Progress

Update 3: 20 Jan 14: 144 pounds – ~3.9% body fat

Update 2: 03 Nov 13: 152.2 pounds – 5.7% body fat

Update 1: 15 Sep 13: 152.6 pounds – 6.0% body fat

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