Is it OK to eat junk food sometimes?

Is it OK to eat junk food sometimes?

The dilemma: you know how unhealthy doughnuts can be but love them nonetheless, should you eat one here and there? You defiantly should. To be completely healthy, you have to make your body as well as your mind happy. You need to eat foods high in nutrients with a moderate amount of calories for your body and keep your mental health up by enjoying the foods you eat.

If you see a salad as something delicious that you can’t keep your hands off of, good for you. For the rest of us, we sometimes need a little bit of junk that was sworn off when we made the promise to be healthy.

Too Much Junk Food

There isn’t a problem with eating unhealthy foods once in awhile. It becomes a problem when you replace foods high in healthy nutrients with junk that is only high in sugar over a long period of time. You then start gaining unwanted weight and not performing your best.

Cheat Meal

If you eat healthy most of the time, give yourself a break and eat something you enjoy. Everything that’s written up to this point is for people who aren’t trying to lose weight. When you need to lose weight, calories will quickly rack up if you eat junk food on a regular basis.

The Bottom Line

A plain doughnut can have up to 300 calories while an apple which will do more to fill you up has only 100. Do the math and you’ll realize that eating junk food while on a diet doesn’t work very well. Once you lose the weight, it’ll be easier to incorporate some more high calorie foods into your diet.

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