Importance of Cardiovascular Exercise

Importance of Cardiovascular Exercise

In recent years many studies have been released telling us of the benefits we see from a lifestyle rich in physical activity. Running, biking, swimming, sports and even walking can add to these benefits.

Cardiovascular Disease

The number one killer in most of the developed world is cardiovascular disease (CVD). As more countries adopt the American lifestyle of fast food, combines with little exercise, they too are becoming affected by CVD.

In the United States alone, CVD affects about 50 million people. As health care is getting more expensive, our economy will take a bigger hit from all these people needing care. Luckily, CVD is very preventable.

Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet and exercising is all it takes. Unfortunately most people don’t see down the line. Its always to early to start and never the perfect time until you have to go see a doctor.


Regular exercise improves cardiovascular function. Many people can’t complete everyday tasks like climbing a flight of stairs or even standing for long periods of time without being tired and out of breath. Being out of shape to the point where you can’t complete these activities is a very serious thing. It can get worse until you won’t be mobile anymore.

Regular exercise also reduces your risk of coronary artery disease which can lead to blocked arteries. Exercise can lower blood pressure, increase good cholesterol, improve your blood profile and decrease body fat. Exercising regularly has also been shown to decrease anxiety and depression and help the older population live independently.

A lack of physical activity has many serious consequences. People who don’t exercise have higher rates of strokes, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, colon and breast cancers and most seriously, death from coronary artery disease.

The Bottom Line

There are many things we can’t protect ourselves from, and from these we shouldn’t spend our time worrying about. But when it is as simple as walking or running and having fun while we make ourselves healthier, the choice is simple.

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