How do Celebrities Get Perfect Bodies so Quickly?

How do Celebrities Get Perfect Bodies so Quickly?

You’ve seen it on the news and on the web, celebrities changing their bodies from fat to muscle in what seems like weeks and months. How can they change so quickly while it takes the rest of us years to get a perfect six pack? The answer to this question is time and money.

Diet and Exercise

To get a perfect body you need two things: good diet and proper exercise. If you’re overweight, you need to cut calories and exercise to lose weight. If you want to gain muscle, you need to start a resistance training routine to stimulate your muscles to grow.

Celebrities use these same elements but are much more successful at it then any average person can be. The reason why is because they have a lot more money and time to achieve their goals.


Time is an important factor is losing weight or gaining muscle. You need time to exercise and make healthy food. How much extra time do you have in your day for these?

You probably have a 9-5 job and unless you want to wake up very early, you’ll have to exercise after work when you’re tired and just want to go home. Because you’re tired you might not get the most out of your time. When are you going to cook a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner? When are you going to prepare some healthy snacks?

Celebrities have all of these problems solved. If they need to slim up for a movie that starts filming in three months, they hire a gourmet chef, personal trainer, and dietitian. They can afford to devote most of those three months to getting into shape.

They don’t have to wake up too early and they don’t have to workout really late after a long day of work. They have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for them and when they’re ready to go workout, they have a very qualified and exclusive personal trainer telling them exactly what to do. No more guessing how many reps or sets to do. How long would you be able to afford a lifestyle like this?


When you see famous people, you also have to keep in mind that looking like them isn’t realistic. They have image consultants, make up artists and many other luxuries the rest of us can’t afford. You also have to remember that when they’re in the news because of a new movie or album, that’s when they’re going to be in shape.

The Bottom Line

You don’t see them when they’re out of work, between movies: that’s when they look like the rest of us. So the next time you’re wondering why you can’t look like Brad Pitt or Eva Longoria, you’ll know the answer: time and money.

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