How can I get rid of my love handles?

How can I get rid of my love handles?

The term love handle refers to fat that accumulates on both sides of the body above the hips. You can use your imagination to figure out why they’re called love handles. This area of fat is a wide spread problem with no easy solution.

Diet + Exercise

The only way to get rid any fat deposit on the body is through diet and exercise. When we lose weight we can’t tell our bodies where to lose it from. If we have certain problem areas (for example love handles) the only thing we can do is lose weight all around.


The muscles that sit directly beneath the love handles are the obliques. If you have a low body fat percentage, you can target your obliques by doing twists, side crunches and a number of machines at the gym. Because you have a low body fat percentage, the muscle will grow and become visible.


If the muscle is covered by a layer of fat, (the love handles) doing these exercises won’t solve your problem of having a high body fat percentage. A calorie restricted diet and cardiovascular exercise routine (running, biking, swimming) are the only 2 things that will help you get rid of your love handles.

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