If forcing yourself to exercise in the summer is a problem then the winter brings up a whole new set of problems. It’s way to cold, the house is warm and comfy, the days are shorter and a whole list of other excuses can stop you from getting the exercise you need.

If it’s too cold outside, find somewhere indoors where you can get a workout. The gym and your own home are both good places. Sit ups, push ups, pull ups and jump ropes can help you get a small workout in.

You can also warm up indoors by doing these exercises. When your body temperature goes up, run or jog outside for awhile until you get cold again. Dress appropriately with sweaters, hats, gloves and thick socks.

The easiest way to exercise in the cold is by embracing the winter by doing cold activities. Go sledding, snowball fighting, snowboarding, skiing and skating. Unless you want to emerge in the spring looking like a bear that just woke up from hibernation, get enough exercise in the winter.

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