How can I get a beach body quickly?

How can I get a beach body quickly?

To get that perfect beach body, you need to decrease your body fat percentage by exercising more and eating less. You need to engage in both cardiovascular and strength training exercise. Cardio will help you burn a large amount of calories while strength training will help you build some muscle and give you a more toned physique.

Muscle is metabolically active which means that building more will help burn calories while you’re at rest. Cardio should be done 3-6 times per week for 30-60 minutes per day while strength training should be done 2-4 times per week to hit every major muscle group.

When you start eating less than you burn, your body will be forced to use fat stores for energy and the result will be weight loss. Start by estimating how much energy you burn per day by using the Calorie Calculator. Once you get an estimate, work to eat less than it.

The more you exercise and the less you eat, the quicker your results will come. Never eat under 1,200 calories; putting your health in danger is not worth losing a few extra pounds. It is safer to increase your exercise level rather than drastically decreasing the amount of calories you take in.

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