How can I control my hunger?

How can I control my hunger?

I have a very hard time keeping my eating under control, especially at night. I often wake up in the middle of the night from hunger which often results in weight gain. How can I best combat this? I already go to the gym every day and eat good amounts of protein, fiber, and vegetables. –Michelle

First off, I would recommend using the Straight Health Trainer to calculate the recommended number of calories based on your body weight, exercise regimen, and goals. Next, compare the amount you’re eating with what is recommended. If you are eating much less/much more than what is recommended, that could be your problem.

You haven’t said how you space your meals out throughout the day. For most people, it works best to space out their meals evenly into as many meals as possible. In other words, if you’re used to eating 2-3 large meals in one day, try to space your food out so that you are eating 5-6 smaller meals.

Just to clarify, I am NOT recommending eating 5-6 meals which are all the same size as the 2-3 meals you were previously eating. Instead, eat the same amount of food as previously, but spaced out into 5-6 meals instead of 2-3. This means that each meal will be smaller, but the total amount of food per day will be the same. Hope this helps. Thanks for the question.

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