Gas Saving Calculator

Gas Saving Calculator


With high gas prices here to stay, there has never been a better time to ditch your car and pick up a good bike, pair of running shoes or even a set of roller blades. Getting to work, the gym or a grocery store without using your gas guzzler can save you hundreds of dollars per year which you can put towards healthier foods, credit card payments or anything else you need.

This gas saving calculator will tell you how much money you’ll save by not driving. While the numbers may not seem significant, they only include one trip (for example going to the gym). Getting rid of one trip here and another trip there will save you a considerable amount of money and help keep the environment clean.

1. Miles per gallon (MPG) your car gets
2. Total number of miles in this trip (there and back – roundtrip)
3. Price per gallon
4. Number of times per week you make this trip
Amount you save each time you don’t make this trip with your car
Savings per week
Savings per month
Savings per year

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