Fast and Healthy Food

Fast and Healthy Food

Walking around a food court will prove that there are many choices when it comes to fast food. Almost all customers will have something appeal to them. You can eat American or Italian, Chinese or Greek. Maybe even more important is the ability to pick between the healthy and unhealthy.

First World = Fast Food

It could be argued that fast food contributes to obesity and diabetes in the Western World and now, even in less developed countries. As a country becomes more developed the need for fast solutions to just about everything goes up. To increase profits, companies sometimes pressure employees to become more productive. In itself this isn’t a horrible thing, but as humans we can make mistakes along the way.

In our free market economy, fast food is just filling a need. Sometimes we don’t have time to sit down and make a meal, but we still have to eat.

Healthy Fast Food

Going the fast food route isn’t the bad decision. The bad decision is going to the unhealthy fast food.

As we become more aware of our health and choice that affect it, companies that once only served hamburgers and fries are now turning to fresh salads, and delis to help us out (or take our money). We should take advantage of these new choices and enjoy them.

Instead of going for that hamburger and fries, walk across the street. Fresh cut vegetables in a sandwich on bread that was just made will always beat frozen, pre-made food. Instead of drinking a soda for every meal grab a cup of water, ice tea or milk.


Don’t be fooled. Sometimes restaurants will try and confuse you. They’ll use words and phrases such as fresh or made to order and trick you into thinking these foods are diet healthy.

Low Calorie = Healthy?

Low calorie and fresh are two different things and while you should make sure that the ingredients are fresh, even fresh ingredients can cause you to gain weight.

The Bottom Line

We make decisions everyday. Some are bad and others good. Making the right decisions with the food you eat will make you healthier and more productive.

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