Does being a vegetarian help with weight loss?

Does being a vegetarian help with weight loss?

One of the reasons why weight gain is so prevalent in this country is the intake of high fat meat, cheese and milk. While this isn’t the only factor, cutting these foods out can have a very positive impact on your weight, looks and even your health.

The problem with meat products is that they’re almost all high in fat and even worse, the fat is the unhealthy, saturated kind. When you cut out all these meat products, you have to replace them with something else and most vegetarians choose fruits, vegetables, oats, healthy oils and whole wheats.

Being a vegetarian in itself won’t force you to lose weight but by eating non-meat foods, it is a lot harder to over consume calories. Some studies also show that true vegetarians also have fewer incidences of cardiovascular disease.

If completely removing meat is out of the question for you, consider getting rid of the ones that are high in fat. Eat poultry, lean cuts of beef and low fat cheese and milk. That way, you’ll get the best of both worlds: being able to eat meat while drastically cutting your intake of saturated fats.

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