Do those home ab machines sold on infomercials work?

Do those home ab machines sold on infomercials work?

You’ve seen all those infomercials that sell those peculiar looking contraptions that are supposed to give you a six pack. They promise results within weeks and show you before and after pictures of happy customers. So is this a big marketing scheme or do these ab machines actually work?

Ab Muscles

There is no doubt that these machines target your abdominal muscles. If you use them enough, your muscles will grow and get stronger. It is also true that you probably only need to do the exercise for about 10-15 minutes each day. The part that they don’t want you to know, and is written in very small font at the bottom of the screen, is that their program will only work if you also follow a calorie restricted diet.

Combine With Diet

So if you just buy the device and use it, it won’t work. If you buy it and use it in conjunction with a diet, then yes it can work, but so will sit ups, crunches and leg lifts, so you’re better off not wasting your money. The reason you need a diet is because most people’s abdominal muscles are covered by a layer of fat.

Layer of Fat

To show off your abs, you need to get rid of that layer of fat. Dieting allows your body to begin using its fat stores for energy. When this happens, the fat starts to disappear and your abs will finally be seen.

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