Do crash diets work?

Do crash diets work?

Crash diets are advertised as solutions for quick weight loss needs. If you’re going on a cruise, to a wedding or class reunion, you need to look your best. These diets promise to whip you into shape in a matter of days so you can look good without worrying about healthy weight loss limits.

Usually, you might drink a special ‘detox’ drink or starve yourself completely by only allowing 500 calories to go into your body per day. The question is, how can these diets not work?

The truth is that they will result in very quick weight loss. The problem is that as soon as you start returning to your old habits (like drinking water or eating anything) the weight will come back after a day or two.

The weight loss you achieve from a crash diet is the most temporary kind. Another problem is that you can’t lose too much weight on a crash diet. The rules are too strict to sustain over a long period of time and as soon as you stop, you’ll gain the weight back, even more than what you started with.

The Bottom Line

The best way to lose weight is to start way before a special even allowing yourself to lose it in a slow and controlled manner. Slow weight loss is sustainable and can therefore help you lose a lot more weight in a healthy way. Remember, the temporary gains form an unhealthy diet aren’t worth the permanent costs to your health.

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