Diets that Don’t Work

Diets that Don’t Work

Everyone is looking for the easy way out for all sorts of things. Losing weight is no exception. You can find plenty of diets to follow by going to a bookstore or even searing on the net. Just because they’re out there doesn’t mean they’re effective.

Low Carb Diets

Low carb diets do work in getting some weight off but it isn’t the low carb part that helps, it’s the low calorie part that works. You’d have the same result if you were to go on a low fat diet and you’ll also enjoy some health benefits.

When you’re on one of these diets you usually increase your intake of meats which are high in saturated fat. Too much of this fat can increase cholesterol and cause heart disease.

Detox Diets

If you don’t like food you can go on a detox diet. These are nothing more than diets in which you starve yourself. Typically you buy a few days supply of drinks and take in nothing but them.

You get little if an calories or nutrients that your body needs to survive. The problem is that you aren’t losing any real weight. You’re getting rid of stored water which will come back as soon as you drink any liquid.

Single Food Diets

Diets that are based off of a single food (cabbage soup, lemonade, grapefruit diet…) will work because you’re starving yourself and reducing calories. There’s nothing special about cabbage or grapefruit that will help you lose weight. These diets are unhealthy and can even be dangerous if you stick to them for too long.

The Bottom Line

When we want something so bad we often look for the quick and easy way to do it. Unfortunately this way rarely works. Losing weight is sometimes difficult and requires some time to accomplish. You didn’t gain the weight overnight and you can’t lose it that quickly either.

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