Can I eat as much healthy food as I want?

Can I eat as much healthy food as I want?

I was wondering, as long as I eat only healthy foods, does that mean that I can eat as much as I want? -Cheryl

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for the question. This type of question seems to pop up fairly frequently. (Un)fortunately, the answer remains the same; I don’t think an individual food can really be considered “healthy” or “not healthy”; instead, a person’s “diet” or, better yet, “lifestyle” is what can be judged as healthy. As an example, let’s take a food that is universally considered “healthy”, spinach. If one were to add spinach to a meal, undoubtedly, most people would say that the meal just got “healthier”; thus, making spinach a “healthy food”. However, if spinach were the only thing someone ate for a week, this would obviously not be healthy.

So, rather than trying to eat “healthy foods”, see if you can embrace a more holistic lifestyle approach to health, with diet, exercise, and spirituality all coming together.

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