Breakfast for Gaining Weight

Breakfast for Gaining Weight

Your goal when trying to gain weight should be to eat many meals throughout the day. Sleeping overnight isn’t very conducive to this since you’ll be fasting for 6-8 hours which means no food. When you wake up, you need to ensure that you take in some good calories to break your fast.

Calorie Balance

Gaining weight means eating more than you burn. You should keep this in mind during each meal. Even though you need to eat a lot to gain the weight, this shouldn’t be an excuse to eat whatever you want regardless of how unhealthy it is.

Traditional Breakfast

Traditional breakfast items are high in calories (which is good) but most of these calories are unhealthy. Bacon, sausage and biscuits will help you gain weight but they might also give you a heart attack. There are good alternatives if this is the type of breakfast you enjoy.


Most pork products on the market have a healthier turkey version. There is turkey bacon and sausage both of which have very little saturated fat. Since they also have less calories than pork you’ll get to eat more.


Biscuits, while high in calories, are also loaded with fat. You can replace biscuits with english muffins or even toast. English muffins and bread that are made from 100% whole wheat are your best bet. They contain complex carbohydrates which will give you a steady supply of energy for hours.


Eggs are almost a perfect breakfast food. They contain a large amount of high quality protein which is good if you workout a lot. If your family has a history of high cholesterol consider using an egg substitute. There are also eggs that have less saturated fat than others. You should check the nutrition labels to find them.


Oatmeal and cereal also make up good breakfasts. Watch out for the sugar content of some cereal and flavored oatmeal however, sugar shouldn’t be your biggest concern when you’re trying to gain weight, especially if you workout a lot.


Shakes aren’t just for after a workout. When you wake up, your body is starved for protein. Shakes are high in calories and easy to drink so they are a quick way to add calories to your breakfast. Don’t forget about other drinks. Fruits juices and milk are easy to take down even if you’re full. They can add about 100 calories per cup and sometimes contain vitamins, minerals and in milk, protein.

The Bottom Line

Remember that gaining weight isn’t a blank check to eat unhealthy foods. Yes you need to consume a large amount of calories but you can do it in a healthy manner.

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