Are organic foods worth buying?

Are organic foods worth buying?

The theory behind organic products is that the less chemicals used to grow, raise and preserve the food, the healthier it is for human consumption. Some chemicals that are used include pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and preservatives. While all of these make food production more efficient, the effects on humans can be dangerous.


Numerous pesticides have been banned in the past because of their effects on us. Just because a new chemical is used does not mean it is safe. These chemicals are allowed not because they are known to be safe, they are allowed because they are not known to be dangerous, at least not yet.

Other Additives

Organic producers aim to remove these chemicals and make food as natural as possible. They use natural pesticides, no hormones or antibiotics and treat their animals humanely. This should yield healthier foods because they are lower in harmful substances. However. there are no long term studies to know for sure whether this organic food theory is correct and switching to organic is expensive.

The Bottom Line

If you have the extra money, organic food will not harm you and has great potential to help. As it becomes more popular, prices will come down and become more affordable.

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